Frequently Asked Questions about

Fauj Mentorship

Once you complete payment you will receive a confirmation email and a link to schedule your zoom-onboarding session with Rishiraj.

You will get the access to your course as soon as you finish your onboarding session on zoom with Rishiraj.

No You do not need any experience or degree at all. You need to have a deep desire to learn and work hard.

Absolutely, you can apply this knowledge to launch in any market. We will aim to launch in UK, Canada, UAE, Germany, Australia and even India !

Our goal will be to launch a product that generates at-least 1-1.5 Lac of profit per month.

You can aim to launch your business within the next 100 Days

YES & NO. You can request for a refund in the first 10 days provided you did not start the product discovery module. After that I won’t be able to refund you.

There won’t be any discounts. I’ve consolidated 8+ years of learning in this course. By learning from this course you will save yourself from making many mistakes and learn everything I have to offer in just a few months.

The Fauj Mentorship program includes bi-weekly group coaching. If you want 1-1 mentorship please schedule a call with Rishiraj here.

You can do a test launch with a budget as low as $1000. For a full-fledged brand launch you may need a higher budget later. That may depend on the product.

Of course. Please visit to see detailed course layout.