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Once you complete payment you will receive a confirmation from to book your Zoom Call.
This is a first meet call where you’ll connect with Rishi on a Zoom Call. In this call you will tell him what you do, why do you want to do this business and in turn Rishi will provide you with an answer to the most important question “Can I do this business?” The roadmap to mentorship program would also be told in this Zoom Call.
If you provide us with prior information, i.e. 24 hours prior, we can reschedule your Zoom Call and have the discussion at a later date and time, for which you will get an email from our side. If you fail to provide us with prior information and miss the Zoom Call altogether, then you’ll have to make the payment again.

You can aim to launch your business within the next 3-5 months.

There won’t be any discounts. I’ve consolidated 8+ years of learning in this course. By learning from this course you will save yourself from making many mistakes and learn everything I have to offer in just a few months.

The Faujj Mentorship Programme includes bi-weekly group coaching. If you want 1-1 mentorship, please apply for the FAUJ Supreme programme.